Executive & Leadership Coaching for Transformational Results

Coaching engagements are built on mutual respect, trust, and confidentiality

During coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to explore fresh perspectives, consider new options, and commit to decisive actions.  Stepping out of your comfort zones into your “learning edges” is encouraged.

This is the space to genuinely examine behavioral patterns, uncover roadblocks, identify blind spots, and challenge assumptions on your path to cultivating greater resilience, confidence, and clarity as a leader.

There are no wrong answers in coaching 

There are no wrong answers in coaching but there is accountability for action plans and goal achievement.

As an executive and leadership coach, I provide the structure/framework/models and questions to evoke a different way of thinking. I hold my clients accountable while providing resources and feedback to support their progress. 

I agree to:

  • be completely present and listen fully while sharing my best thinking, ideas and insights.
  • create a safe and supportive environment to engage in personal conversations honestly, openly, and freely.
  • bring a spirit of curiosity, not judgment, to the coaching sessions.
  • maintain what is discussed in the strictest confidence allowed by law.
  • uphold the ethical guidelines for practicing coaches as defined by the  International Coaching Federation.
Christine Kopec, expert facilitator and founder of Avante Leadership, is a white woman with short brown hair pictured from the waist up, smiling, with her hands resting in front of her. She is wearing a black blouse and bright blue blazer, with hoop earings and an irridescent pendent necklace.

Christine Kopec

ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Transformative & Resilient Leadership Coach

ICF Professional Coaches

Coaching and business acumen

“Christine is a gift! I highly recommend her coaching and business acumen that she generously shared in our executive sessions.”

– J.S., CMO & Executive Advisor

Coaching results are real and measurable

Two business women sit on a lobby sofa having a discussion.
  • Foster team development with conscious awareness
  • Navigate organizational politics and challenges
  • Handle conflict with ease and authenticity
  • Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • Understand and leverage your emotional intelligence competencies
  • Conquer procrastination and master time management
  • Demonstrate a mindful leadership presence
  • Create a more meaningful and fulfilled life
  • Improve your communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Move beyond limiting beliefs and assumptions
  • Become more influential and resilient
  • Lower your anxiety (and those around you)

Is coaching right for you? Your team? Your organization?

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